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Business-ServicesAPACAllianz Global Assistancemore informationDownload

Allianz Global Assistance

Find out how Allianz Global Assistance implemented innovative and scalable solutions critical to its growing training development cycle, including the introduction of a character who loves to learn to deliver elearning with edutainment value that still aligned with AGA's business goals.

Length: 1 page

MiningEMEAArcelorMittalmore informationDownload


Excel is extremely popular within ArcelorMittal. To maximise Excel's versatility and functionality, ArcelorMittal knew they needed to expand the current training available. However, logistics meant any new training introduced would have to move beyond the classroom and offer employees opportunities for both practice and tangible support.

Length: 1 page

EducationAMERICASARPCTmore informationDownload


Thanks to the breadth and depth of Skillsoft's course offerings, staff no longer have the burden of becoming experts in various business and technology topics. ARPCT introduced Skillsoft IT Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Desktop Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Business Skills Courseware Collection and Skillport LMS.

Length: 1 page

InsuranceAPACArthur J. Gallaghermore informationDownload

Arthur J. Gallagher

Prior to working Skillsoft, it was difficult for AJG to deliver consistent and streamlined training across more than 30 branches Australia-wide, affect change and deliver a comprehensive training program that allowed their brokers to meet the annual requirement of 25 hours of professional development each year. With Skillsoft's guidance and ongoing support, AJG developed a number of very clear learning pathways offering employees learning that is not only effective for their existing role, but will also help them be successful in future roles and achieve their career aspirations.

Length: 4 pages

Aerospace-DefenseEMEABAE - IT Securitymore informationDownload

BAE - IT Security

BAE Systems wanted to implement a mandatory IT security awareness programme that would give all employees training on how to spot and combat the latest cyber threats. The Skillsoft development team created specifically tailored courseware that met a complex mix of requirements, including custom content and storyboards, that delivered on every level and spoke to all workforce audiences.

Length: 1 page

BankingEMEABank of Irelandmore informationDownload

Bank of Ireland

Skillsoft supported the launch of Learningzone, its new learning and development system, with an extensive gateway curriculum to a web-based learning culture. Flexible and available 24/7, this web based, self-service model for training has allowed the Bank to offer an employee-empowered 'anytime, anywhere' serviceľall backed up with comprehensive reporting and tracking on achievements and progress.

Length: 1 page

EnergyEMEABG Groupmore informationDownload

BG Group

Skillsoft's consultants helped map content and assets to BG Group's leadership and development frameworks. Using Skillport, Skillsoft's cloud-based content delivery platform, the L&D team developed curated learning plans and personalised recommendations for learners. Skillport was fully integrated with BG Group's systems to enable 'one click' access, regardless of the device and location.

Length: 1 page

HealthcareEMEABluebird Caremore informationDownload

Bluebird Care

Skillsoft's care eLearning platform Upfront, was implemented as an integral part of new care worker inductions and training. This new process sees potential care workers issued with Skillsoft courses as part of their job offer, which means their initial learning can be undertaken online, at a time to suit them, and completed by the time references and other checks are done.

Length: 1 page

Electronic-ComponentsAMERICASBrocademore informationDownload


Working with Skillsoft's Custom Development Team, Brocade created two standard certifications: a sales certification, which covers, among other things, compliance with Brocade's Code of Conduct, Sales Incentive Compensation Primary Sales Plan and certain quarterly sales activities, and a Code of Conduct (COC) certification for new hires.

Length: 1 page

TelecommunicationsEMEABTmore informationDownload


Together with Skillsoft, BT has been able to support the implementation of Accredited Learning Pathways (ALPs) by providing a comprehensive online resource to staff across a number of key areas. The courseware catalogue is aligned to the ALPs, keeping content fresh for those at varying levels, including IP networks and CompTIA networking modules, and to allow people to learn the key principles of a modern enterprise network.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASCarrington Holding Company, LLCmore informationDownload

Carrington Holding Company, LLC

Carrington partnered with Skillsoft to develop a business case. Carrington utilized their Skillsoft representative and learning strategist, to create the case and to get the new Carrington Education Portal running quickly and effectively. By starting with mandatory compliance training, Carrington positioned Skillport as the "Google of Learning," encouraging users to access it for their own professional development.

Length: 1 page

TelecommunicationsAMERICASCbeyondmore informationDownload


With Skillsoft, Cbeyond created a 12-week training program using Skillsoft Live Learning IT certification resources as the content. To create awareness about the program Skillsoft partnered with Cbeyond to launch a marketing campaign that included lunch and learns, Yammer, and open application. This was so effective Cbeyond needed to develop a rigorous selection process for learning participation.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesEMEACGImore informationDownload


To maximise professional development for staff and evolve the CGI learning culture, our Skillport 8 platform facilitated global delivery as now all content is available in multiple languages and accessible 24/7.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASCGImore informationDownload


Learn how CGI partnered with Skillsoft to deliver a "Learning Everywhere" site, featuring examples of experiential learning activities and Skillsoft's New Habit Calendar and how all eLearning courses, videos and books were a click away for members identifying their individual learning style and planning their professional and personal development.

Length: 1 page

EducationEMEAChoice Supportmore informationDownload

Choice Support

With Skillsoft, Choice Support launched a comprehensive 12-week interactive eLearning program for all new joiners covering the common induction standards stipulated by the CQC. Working alongside Skillsoft specialists, the Choice Support team developed interactive modules covering all mandatory training topics including first aid awareness, the safe handling of medication, and equality and diversity awareness.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASCrane Worldwide Logisticsmore informationDownload

Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane partnered with Skillsoft to introduce a number of Learning Programs that pull together four courses grouped around a particular theme. These programs cover a variety of topics from Microsoft Office Products, to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance, to courses that target advanced management skills orpersonal productivity.

Length: 1 page

Computer ServicesEMEACSCmore informationDownload


Working with CSC, Skillsoft created a blended package designed to encourage uptake, study and exam success in ITIL. This consisted of nine eLearning modules together with Skillsoft's blended learning consultancy, all packaged up as a managed program. Skillsoft, in partnership with CSC, then conducted up-front virtual briefings on the whole program, together with an agenda and a schedule to encourage and support participation and completion.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACDatacommore informationDownload


As a service organisation in a rapidly changing industry, it is essential that Datacom staff are current with changing technologies. When it became apparent that the learning opportunities provided were underutilized, Datacom NSW responded by overhauling and redesigning their entire staff management approach.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACDialog Information Technologymore informationDownload

Dialog Information Technology

Learn how after extensive research Dialog Academy, Dialog Information Technology's learning management platform, which hosts training and development programs for all Dialog employees, was launched and contributed to achieving 100 percent of training participants passing required certifications on completion of courses.

Length: 1 page

Computer-ServicesEMEADialog Semiconductormore informationDownload

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor is a UK-based manufacturer of semiconductor-based system solutions that provide the highest performance power saving solutions to customers, particularly for smartphones, power adapters, solid state lighting and emerging IoT applications. Due to phenomenal organisational growth, it became apparent that Dialog Semiconductor needed to significantly boost their company-wide compliance training; however their current LMS was not very intuitive and integrating new content was proving a challenge.

Length: 1 page

EnergyEMEAEnerSysmore informationDownload


EnerSys wanted to facilitate the acquisition of new skills and behaviours for its employees to imbed in their day-to-day duties. They kicked-off a pilot programme with the Skillsoft platform - offering 150 licenses in key functional areas across EMEA. As the L&D team was delivering some bespoke instructor-led training (ILT) courses, EnerSys was able to create a blend of resources by marrying its ILT with books and eLearning. This ensured all topics and learning styles are supported. The Skillsoft team also assisted with enabling sophisticated reporting on the new platform.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACEquinitimore informationDownload


When EQI sought to implement a company-wide mandate to increase competencies, they decided it was time to adopt a digital learning culture rather than continuing with the more costly and time-consuming traditional, instructor-led classroom training.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesEMEAESPmore informationDownload


Skillsoft's learning solutions were made available to ESP Global Services employees worldwide. The Skillsoft team supported the rollout by aligning the solution to specific job roles, skills gaps and competencies. This allowed groups and teams to quickly navigate their way to the most appropriate learning materials for their needs.

Length: 1 page

ManufacturingAMERICASGeneral Electric - GEmore informationDownload

General Electric - GE

To proactively engage and assist its rapidly expanding network of more than 10,000 U.S. veterans as they transition to the corporate environment, GE sought to create and implement specifically targeted learning and development programs. Additionally, GE decided that these programs must include and facilitate management of mentors and sponsors from within this community.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACHCL Technologies Infrastructure Services Division (HCL ISD)more informationDownload

HCL Technologies Infrastructure Services Division (HCL ISD)

HCL's Learning Team began by looking at the entire Skillsoft curriculum and identified where they were able to add custom content to create a comprehensive and streamlined learning program on Skillport, Skillsoft's learning management system. The result was a suite of comprehensive learning resources that offered multiple ways of learning that would suit a variety of learning needs. Skillsoft rolled out over 3,000 licenses for IT courseware set up for the New/Lateral Hires and existing employees of HCL ISD.

Length: 1 page

GovernmentAMERICASHire Our Heroesmore informationDownload

Hire Our Heroes

With the Percipio intelligent learning platform, veterans can choose to watch, read, and listen to a large selection of Skillsoft's Business, Digital and IT learning content, including key certification preparation courses. The combination of Percipio and Skillsoft's content, which is curated into more than 500 channels and routinely updated by Skillsoft's expert curators, affords learners the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Length: 1 page

Information TechnologyEMEAInformatics Merseysidemore informationDownload

Informatics Merseyside

To give colleagues control of when, what and how they learn, Informatics Merseyside took the decision to utilise Skillsoft's eLearning system and give staff access to an online catalogue of training, a library of specialist resources and mentoring support that's tailored to their particular functional roles.

Length: 1 page

Information TechnologyEMEAiomartmore informationDownload


Through Skillsoft, iomart introduced an entirely new approach to learning within the workplace. The Skillsoft Five @ 5:00 which employees can access easily through the Skillsoft Skillport 8 learning portal has led to regular engagement of employees with learning opportunities and improved staff motivation.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACITC Infotechmore informationDownload

ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech wanted to provide opportunities for its employees, particularly those working onsite, to develop their potential. However, how to offer such opportunities presented a challenge as a result of the diverse demographic of its workforce. Find out how ITC Infotech used blended learning, a mix of eLearning and traditional classroom setting, to create a lasting and satisfying learning experience for all.

Length: 1 page

Automotive-TransportEMEAJCImore informationDownload


To give managers and staff streamlined access to the learning and career development resources they need, Johnson together with Skillsoft, launched the online My Job Hub - Building Your Knowledge portal.

Length: 1 page

EnergyEMEAJersey Electricitymore informationDownload

Jersey Electricity

With management development climbing higher on its business agenda the Jersey Electricity L&D team set out to balance its technical learning offering with a wider portfolio of soft skills programmes. Jersey Electricity not only wanted to explore new learning delivery components such as coaching and mentoring but was also keen to deliver L&D in a way that is more self-paced.

Length: 1 page

MiningAMERICASJoy Globalmore informationDownload

Joy Global

Skillsoft's videos, courses, simulations and other training assets form the basis of a world-class training infrastructure. To ensure the greatest number of employees derive maximum value from the learning investment, Joy Global automatically imports Skillsoft content multiple times per month to keep assets current.

Length: 1 page

Business ServicesEMEAKuoni Global Travel Servicesmore informationDownload

Kuoni Global Travel Services

Using Skillsoft, Kuoni designed, built and delivered learning interventions adapted to the specific requirements of individual managers or lines of business that led to a 36 percent jump in global usage in an organization where 70 percent are now using the program to undertake self-directed informal learning in addition to formally prescribed tracks.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASLexmarkmore informationDownload


Lexmark takes pride in their two-way connection with customers and strive to provide exceptional customer service and engagement. Aware that strong leadership is crucial to accomplishing this objective, Lexmark sought to enhance their current leadership development opportunities.

Length: 1 page

Social ServicesEMEAMaking Spacemore informationDownload

Making Space

Making Space selected Skillsoft's comprehensive Care Certificate solution as it gave them all the learning, assessment support and management tools needed to deliver an effective care certificate program. Delivered via the Skillport 8 and Advanced Compliance learning management system, the solution features 15 eLearning courses blending interactive learning with exercises, follow-on activities and other learning resources.

Length: 1 page

Energy-UtilitiesAMERICASManitoba Hydromore informationDownload

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro rounded out its eLearning portfolio with Skillsoft Leadership Advantage, a collection of focused resources targeting essential leadership and management skills. By integrating these assets into targeted learning tracks employees who used the content realized a 30 percent increase in skill level.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASMenashamore informationDownload


When Menasha adopted the Welch Way program, a partnership with Skillsoft and the Jack Welch Management Institute, learning leaders recognized that they couldn't roll this first leadership development program out alone and contracted Skillsoft's Leadership Services team to help implement the program.

Length: 1 page

HealthcareAMERICASMercymore informationDownload


Skillsoft's Skillport solution provides resources for our Mercy Technology Services co-workers not only in technical areas, but also desktop applications and business skills. The combined learning opportunities help co-workers prepare for future roles on both technical and leadership sides of the organization.

Length: 1 Page

EducationAPACMonash Universitymore informationDownload

Monash University

eSolutions, the IT solutions and services provider to Monash, decided to invest in a blended range of solutions within its I Contribute program. Skillsoft was engaged to address leadership, customer service and business-facing skills as priorities, and assist with communication across eSolutions and to external customers.

Length: 1 page

Consumer-ProductsEMEANew Lookmore informationDownload

New Look

The New Look story began in 1969 as a single fashion store in the UK. From there they have grown into a global fashion brand with over 20,000 employees spread over the UK, Europe, China and the Middle East. Through their online store, they deliver to around 120 countries across the globe. In response to an increased IT demand for training, New Look was looking for talent and development opportunities that were both cost effective yet scalable and accessible.

Length: 1 page

HospitalityAMERICASOdawa Casino Resortmore informationDownload

Odawa Casino Resort

With Skillsoft Select package The Odawa Casino designed a program of courses on relevant topics. They implemented the Skillport Learning Management System (LMS) ensuring employees access to learning around the clock. Skillsoft also helped identify courses that supported the skills evaluated in Odawa's performance review; employees can now come away from reviews with training options to help them improve, if needed.

Length: 1 page

TelecommunicationsEMEAOrange Business Servicesmore informationDownload

Orange Business Services

Length: 1 page

SportsAMERICASPGA of Americamore informationDownload

PGA of America

With Skillsoft the PGA designed a highly effective custom course curriculum, with a major emphasis placed on an intuitive, clean user experience. They also developed the "Next step" continuum as courses which were all aligned to support certification and career objectives.

Length: 1 page

Financial-ServicesEMEARoyal Bank of Scotland - RBSmore informationDownload

Royal Bank of Scotland - RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) serves over 19 million customers predominantly based in the UK and Republic of Ireland. RBS is committed to building a better bank for its customers, and one that will deliver sustainable returns for shareholders. To continue a 300 year tradition of providing excellent customer service, RBS, in line with their Building Careers Programme, sought to radically transform their L&D opportunities to enable employees to gain a variety of external professional qualifications in a consistent and cost effective manner. Additionally, any programmes developed had to be streamlined and scalable.

Length: 1 page

EnergyEMEARWE npowermore informationDownload

RWE npower

RWE npower used Skillsoft's Custom Content Developer, to create and host SOP modules on their Skillport platform. This enabled them to reach the widest possible audience in an incredibly tight timeframe, with the added benefit of being able to monitor and report on the effectiveness of the online compliance training programme.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesEMEASafeGuard World Internationalmore informationDownload

SafeGuard World International

To address SGWI's growing need for soft skills development, as well as job specific training, Skillsoft's Select Plus was rolled out alongside IT & Desktop videos. To help with this SGWI then utilised Skillsoft's Client Community to support and build marketing campaigns for training programmes. The flexibility of Skillsoft's online training ensured SGWI's global workforce access any time or any place, which was a huge concern for the company.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesEMEASchlumbergermore informationDownload


Skillsoft have supported the delivery of many learning initiatives, including; the mapping of content to a competency framework being rolled out to all employees, Leadership Advantage to support Managers & Leaders, an online library of Books for Engineers and more.

Length: 1 page

Financial-ServicesAMERICASSecurity Service Federal Credit Unionmore informationDownload

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Together, SSFCU and Skillsoft built a formal learning strategy centered around four unique career paths aimed at supporting employee success while bettering the overall knowledge of the organization, with the ability to track and report progress at each phase.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASServiceSourcemore informationDownload


ServiceSource determined that current training and development methods were no longer efficient or cost-effective. Additionally, ServiceSource decided that any new learning opportunities offered needed to be flexible and varied in the delivery methods. Utilizing Skillsoft content, ServiceSource introduced a blended learning program that encompasses such subjects as customer service, computer skills, soft skills and Lean processes.

Length: 1 page

MultipleAMERICASSkillsoft Global Leader Forum Membersmore informationDownload

Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Members

We created the Global Leader Forum, an invitation-only group, to allow us to continuously unearth, adapt and share best practices from Skillsoft's and SumTotal's most progressive clients. The forum is made of our top clients who are rocking their programs across the four best practice building blocks. They engage with the business to set objectives, they align solutions to meet strategic priorities, they enable adoption and they measure value to the business.

Length: 14 pages

TelecommunicationsAMERICASSprintmore informationDownload


The KnowledgeAdvisors measurement platform was implemented to automate learning analytics so Sprint could manage its Skillsoft program with rigorous datasets and industry benchmarks. Sprint implemented the Metrics That Matter SmartSheet evaluation process. Because of that, learners now receive a survey that captures inputs from all five levels of learning evaluation including reaction, learning, application, business impact, and ROI.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASTata Consultancy Servicesmore informationDownload

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the largest IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization in Asia. In 1999, TCS allied with Skillsoft and has since enriched its online learning delivery system, helping to provide comprehensive learning solutions. The alliance has helped learning at TCS mature from being merely aligned and integrated with the business to being optimized and deployed enterprise-wide.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAPACTATA Consulting Engineers (TCE)more informationDownload

TATA Consulting Engineers (TCE)

Find out how TCE partnered with Skillsoft to provide a shared set of equal learning and development opportunities to employees globally.

Length: 1 page

TelecommunicationsAMERICASTELUSmore informationDownload


Skillsoft moved TELUS to the new Human Capital Management suite which included a migration to Jam, integrating all social conversations, videos, wikis and blogs into one platform. Skillsoft then tilized a blended learning approach encompassing both formal and informal learning and implemented the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage and SkillChoice.

Length: 1 page

InsuranceAMERICASThe Economical Insurance Groupmore informationDownload

The Economical Insurance Group

Working with Skillsoft's Custom Development Services team, TEIG's training developers created approximately 30 custom courses that parallel the company's products, services and code of conduct and made them available to allemployees, with plans to add more in the upcoming years. After equipping its work force with learning and development tools and resources, the company finds its employees are more productive, produce higher quality output and are more satisfied in their jobs.

Length: 1 page

Consumer-ProductsEMEAThe John Lewis Partnershipmore informationDownload

The John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership's IT divisions adopted Skillsoft to complement their existing learning offer. They introduced SkillChoice, a selection of specially selected resources and tools focused on core business solution areas, enabling the Partnership to target and support their Partners at all stages in their career.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesAMERICASToronto Transit Commissionmore informationDownload

Toronto Transit Commission

Discover how TTC is using Skillsoft Business Skills and Leadership Training to provide a flexible and modern learning experience for their entire workforce including 11,500 unionized employees.

Length: 1 page

GovernmentAMERICASU.S. Armymore informationDownload

U.S. Army

The Army's Distributed Learning System (DLS) office is charged with providing timely, scalable and cost-effective learning solutions to Army personnel for professional development and missionessential certification requirements. To support the extensive range of desired training contingencies, DLS selected Skillsoft learning solutions and the Skillport Learning Management System (LMS) for its Army eLearning program because of Skillsoft's demonstrated efficiencies, proven performance and confirmed cost effectiveness.

Length: 1 page

Computer-ServicesAMERICASUnisysmore informationDownload


Using Skillsoft content Unisys created a virtual and personalized environment, invited the top 200 leaders to be inspired by selected content, to discuss how it applies to Unisys, and share how it has helped them view situations differently. The content was organized to support Unisys' leadership competencies; a framework that provides structure, supports the CEO's three-year strategy and adapts to emphasize the needs of unique business units.

Length: 1 page

EducationAMERICASUniversity of Floridamore informationDownload

University of Florida

UF adopted Skillsoft Books24x7's ITPro and BusinessPro collections and immediately recognized the benefits and realized that they could give their patrons a much deeper, richer and more up to date information resource. More importantly, this content is readily available -24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also unlike print collections and other e-book providers, multiple users can simultaneously access the same book, eliminating wait time as well as costly purchases of numerous copies..

Length: 1 page

EducationAMERICASUniversity of Houstonmore informationDownload

University of Houston

After a successful pilot, the university became Skillsoft's first enterprise-wide education partner in the United States, acquiring the complete library of business, IT and desktop eLearning courseware and the Books24x7 collection Working together, the departments helped the university add additional courses and the Books 24x7 online book collections.

Length: 1 page

EducationAMERICASUniversity of North Carolina Wilmingtonmore informationDownload

University of North Carolina Wilmington

The Learning Systems team used Skillsoft Dialogue Design to create custom courses, one for managers and another one for faculty/staff. This made it possible for the university to provide everyone with this training, without hiring additional staff, in just eight months. In addition, UNCW successfully aligned Skillsoft learning resources with strategic initiatives including Blackboard orientation, a content management system for online academic course, a School of Nursing orientation, supplementing classroom instruction and a first-year research tutorial.

Length: 1 page

GovernmentAMERICASUSDAmore informationDownload


First the USDA introduced AgLearn, its consolidated LMS, as part of an eGovernment strategic initiative. Then the USDA implemented Skillsoft training content, including SkillChoice Complete courses and book collections for business, desktop computing and IT; IT and Desktop Performance Support videos; Well-Being Essentials from Skillsoft's Books24x7 collection and 50 other selected compliance courseware titles enabling them to keep things consistent for its dispersed workforce.

Length: 1 page

GovernmentAMERICASUSOmore informationDownload


Skillsoft offered rich content that supported the USO's needs. That Skillsoft serves various other branches of the military was an additional benefit. With Skillsoft, the USO developed a standard learning program for new hires to complete within 90 days. The USO introduced the Skillport LMS allowing the USO to track and report on all learning activities, not just eLearning. Additionally people can register for courses through the LMS, which generates a roster. The system also tracks participation in offsite conferences and seminars, required continuing education units (CEUs) for various certifications, and tuition reimbursement.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesEMEAUTECmore informationDownload


UTEC needed a global eLearning strategy that would provide a standardised skills and development framework to support ongoing career progression and structured access to essential compliance and third-party certification training, from anywhere in the world. With Skillsoft UTEC implemented Skillport® 8, an online eLearning portal, that would give employees access to L&D resources.

Length: 1 page

Energy-UtilitiesAMERICASVectrenmore informationDownload


Length: 1 page

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