IT Training & Certification

With the incredible pace of change in the world of IT, it is imperative that IT organizations institute “continuous learning” for all IT staff. This allows IT professionals to constantly update their skills to meet the changing needs of the organization, from on-the-job troubleshooting to the most pressing IT security concerns.

Skillsoft provides the widest array of integrated learning types to continuously develop and maintain IT skills – including short expert-led videos, video-based eLearning courses, live web-based instructor-led training, free live mentoring services, certification test preparation, and access to tens of thousands of full text online books. We also help IT Professionals improve their soft skills to advance their careers.

Skillsoft provides a wide range of IT Certification and Skills content, including:


Support for more than 100 professional IT certification exams from leading software, hardware, networking, web service companies and professional organizations.

Test prep

Standardized course materials, reference books, practice exams and other multimodal IT certification training courses.

Expert material

Leading experts and mentors that provide an affordable fast track to IT certification and offer test preparation designed to improve pass rates.

IT industry leaders

Co-development partnerships with IT industry leaders for much of our certification training courseware.

Our partners include

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