Business Skills & Leadership Training

Skillsoft business skills content is multi-dimensional and micro-sized, which allows for flexible training and development solutions that can target the needs of diverse populations.

Curated collections of multimodal resources are ideal for informal learning needs, and are also easily blended into more structured programs. For more immersive or formal learning, Skillsoft offers rich certification training to support critical business operations including project management, Six Sigma, human resources and business analysis.

With thousands of videos, books, courses, mentoring and certification content, organizations can offer their learners many choices for continuous learning and leadership skills development. Content is ideal for busy managers both in their role today and as they plan for the next stage of their career – a critical issue facing organizations with growing millennial populations. Also, mastery of soft skills can help different types of professionals (e.g., IT) advance their careers.

Skillsoft provides a wide range of Business Skills and Leadership content, including:

Executive Education

Content from the top minds of the business and leadership community in a variety of formats, so your executives can get the information they need delivered in an effective, efficient manner. Learn about our executive education.

Women Leadership

We help women excel with insight from industry thought leaders and expert instructional design, creating content that ensures relevant, continuous development that will help create high-performing leaders. Learn about our leadership training for women.

First-Time Managers

Prepare new managers to be more effective, impactful leaders. We combine insight from leading publishers and industry experts with expert instructional design to create solutions that ensure relevant, continuous development that will help create future leaders. Learn about our management training.

Individual Contributors

We make it easier for your employees to become proficient in skills vitally important to your organization. We offer a variety of precisely targeted business certifications and business methods to keep them current. Learn about our project management certification.

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