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Global Content(17)
TitleTypeID / Description
Global Anti-bribery lchr_01_a48_lc_enus
Global Anti-Money Laundering lchr_01_b50_lc_enus
Global Antitrust lchr_01_a50_lc_enus
Global Business Ethics lchr_01_b01_lc_enus
Global Conflicts of Interest lchr_01_a58_lc_enus
Global Diversity lchr_01_a96_lc_enus
Global Export Compliance lchr_01_a87_lc_enus
Global Fraud lchr_01_a99_lc_enus
Global Gifts and Business Gratuities lchr_01_b52_lc_enus
Global Import Compliance lchr_01_a98_lc_enus
Global Insider Dealing lchr_01_a57_lc_enus
Global Internet, Social Media, and Electronic Communication lchr_01_b53_lc_enus
Global IT Security Basics lchr_01_a89_lc_enus
Global Privacy and Information Security lchr_01_a51_lc_enus
Global Record Retention lchr_01_b51_lc_enus
Preventing Harassment in the Global Workplace - Employee Edition lch_01_a18_lc_enus
Preventing Harassment in the Global Workplace - Manager Edition lch_01_a19_lc_enus
EU Content(3)
TitleTypeID / Description
EU Antitrust lchr_01_a60_lc_enus
EU General Data Protection Regulation lchr_01_b66_lc_enus
EU Privacy and Information Security lchr_01_a49_lc_enus
Ethics & Code of Conduct(5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Business Ethics lchr_01_a68_lc_enus
Code of Conduct Awareness lchr_01_a38_lc_enus
Financial Integrity lchr_01_a86_lc_enus
Integrity in the Workplace lchr_01_a16_lc_enus
Preventing Fraud and Abuse lchr_01_b08_lc_enus
Workplace Compliance Essentials(36)
TitleTypeID / Description
Active Shooter esh_sah_b92_sh_enus
Active Shooter 2.0 (New) ehs_sec_a06_sh_enus
A Manager's Guide to Discipline and Documentation lchr_01_a53_lc_enus
Americans with Disabilities Act: An Overview for Managers lchr_01_b57_lc_enus
Anti-Money Laundering: An Overview lchr_01_a56_lc_enus
Affirmative Action for Federal Contractors lchr_01_b13_lc_enus
Bullying and Hazing on Campus lchr_01_b09_lc_enus
Bullying and Violence in the Workplace lchr_01_a55_lc_enus
Conflict Minerals lchr_01_b06_lc_enus
EEO and Lawful Hiring lchr_01_a70_lc_enus
FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leave lchr_01_a73_lc_enus
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act lchr_01_a27_lc_enus
Human Trafficking Awareness for Employees of Federal Contractors lchr_01_b16_lc_enus
I-9 Compliance: Verifying Employment Eligibility of US and Non-US Citizens lchr_01_a20_lc_enus
Independent Contractors and Temporary Employees lchr_01_a31_lc_enus
Insider Trading lchr_01_a32_lc_enus
Intellectual Property Overview lchr_01_a29_lc_enus
Interviewing: Doing it Right lchr_01_a65_lc_enus
PCI Compliance lchr_01_a95_lc_enus
Preventing Identity Theft lchr_01_b18_lc_enus
Privacy and Information Security lchr_01_b15_lc_enus
Privacy Training for Federal Contractors lchr_01_b56_lc_enus
Procurement Integrity lchr_01_a72_lc_enus
Promoting a Substance-free Workplace lchr_01_b03_lc_enus
Record Retention lchr_01_b04_lc_enus
Rightful Employment Termination lchr_01_b05_lc_enus
Sarbanes-Oxley: What You Need to Know lchr_01_a19_lc_enus
Security Awareness for End Users lchr_01_b11_lc_enus
Slips, Trips, and Falls esh_sah_b32_sh_enus
Supply Chain Transparency lchr_01_a80_lc_enus
Union Awareness lchr_01_a64_lc_enus
US Antitrust lchr_01_a41_lc_enus
US Export Controls lchr_01_a81_lc_enus
Wage & Hour for Employees lchr_01_b70_lc_enus
Wage & Hour for Managers lchr_01_b71_lc_enus
Workplace Security lchr_01_b19_lc_enus
TitleTypeID / Description
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees lch_01_a16_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees lch_01_a11_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees, version 2.0 lch_01_a22_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees, Version 3.0 lch_01_a24_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Frontline Supervisors lch_01_a26_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Frontline Supervisors - Multi-State Edition lch_01_a27_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers lch_01_a17_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers - Multi-State Edition lch_01_a08_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers - Multi-State Edition, version 2.0 lch_01_a23_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers - Multi-State Edition, Version 3.0 lch_01_a32_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers - Version 3.0 lch_01_a25_lc_enus
Workplace Harassment Prevention for Workers lch_01_a28_lc_enus
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(6)
TitleTypeID / Description
HIPAA Privacy Essentials lchp_01_a01_lc_enus
HIPAA - Privacy Rule for Business Associates lchp_01_a02_lc_enus
HIPAA - Privacy Rule for Covered Entities lchp_01_a03_lc_enus
HIPAA - Security Rule for Business Associates lchp_01_a04_lc_enus
HIPAA - Security Rule for Covered Entities lchp_01_a05_lc_enus
HIPAA for Non-Medical Employers lchp_01_a06_lc_enus
Gaming Compliance(3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Title 31: Introduction lchr_01_b24_lc_enus
Title 31: Identifying Suspicious Activity lchr_01_b25_lc_enus
Title 31: Filling Out CTRs lchr_01_b26_lc_enus
State/Local Government and Higher Education(13)
TitleTypeID / Description
Campus Security Obligations Under Federal Law lchr_01_a93_lc_enus
Code of Conduct Awareness - Higher Education Edition lchr_01_a91_lc_enus
FERPA for Higher Education lchr_01_a85_lc_enus
Harassment Prevention for Employees - Higher Education Edition lch_01_a12_lc_enus
Harassment Prevention for Employees - State and Local Government Edition lch_01_a14_lc_enus
Harassment Prevention for Managers - Higher Education Edition lch_01_a13_lc_enus
Harassment Prevention for Managers - State and Local Government Edition lch_01_a15_lc_enus
Improper Business Practices in Government Contracting lchr_01_b12_lc_enus
Student Rights Overview lchr_01_a94_lc_enus
Title IV and Financial Aid lchr_01_b69_lc_enus
Title IX for Higher Education lchr_01_a79_lc_enus
Time Charging for Federal Contractors (New) lchr_01_b54_lc_enus
Protecting the Rights of Minors on Campus lchr_01_b68_lc_enus
Unconscious Bias(3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Understanding Unconscious Bias apd_14_a01_bs_enus
Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases apd_14_a02_bs_enus
Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace apd_14_a03_bs_enus
Diversity on the Job(4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Bridging the Diversity Gap apd_01_a01_bs_enus
Your Role in Workplace Diversity apd_01_a02_bs_enus
Understanding Workplace Diversity _pc_bi_hrbi002
Managing Diversity _pc_ch_lach015
Canadian Compliance(4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Canadian Antitrust lchr_01_a78_lc_enus
Canadian Anti-Spam Act lchr_01_a97_lc_enus
AODA: Customer Service and Accessibility Standard - Ontario lchr_01_a67_lc_enus
AODA: Integrated Accessibility Standards - Ontario lchr_01_a90_lc_enus
German Compliance(2)
TitleTypeID / Description
AGG (GETA) - Information for Employees lchr_01_a39_lc_enus
AGG (GETA) - Information for Management lchr_01_a42_lc_enus
Compliance Impact Series(22)
TitleTypeID / Description
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Information Security - The Break-In _pc_bi_lcbi003
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Respectful Workplace - Reuben's Story _pc_bi_lcbi001
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Antitrust - Rigging the Bid _pc_bi_lcbi002
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Insider Dealing - The Tipping Point _pc_bi_lcbi004
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Conflict of Interest - Just Helping a Friend _pc_bi_lcbi005
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Reasonable Accommodation - The Ask _pc_bi_lcbi006
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Bribery - The Shipment _pc_bi_lcbi011
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Using the Internet - Beware the Share _pc_bi_lcbi007
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Business Ethics - Adjusting the Figures _pc_bi_lcbi008
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: PCI - Verifying the Transaction _pc_bi_lcbi009
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Workplace Violence - The Warning Signs _pc_bi_lcbi010
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Antitrust - Trade Association Meeting _pc_bi_lcbi012
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Bribery - The High Commission Red Flag _pc_bi_lcbi013
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Insider Dealing - The Memo _pc_bi_lcbi014
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Social Media - Blogger Gone Bad _pc_bi_lcbi015
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Harassment - It's No Joke _pc_bi_lcbi016
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Harassment - Handling the Complaint _pc_bi_lcbi017
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Respectful Workplace - One Bad Apple _pc_bi_lcbi018
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Reporting Misconduct - Trust Your Instincts _pc_bi_lcbi019
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Political Activities - Keep It Personal _pc_bi_lcbi020
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Respectful Workplace - The Bully _pc_bi_lcbi021
COMPLIANCE IMPACT: Wage and Hour - Working Off the Clock _pc_bi_lcbi022
Compliance Expert Series(16)
TitleTypeID / Description
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Privacy & Information Security: The Basics _pc_bi_lcbi023
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Privacy & Information Security:  Some Examples from the Trenches _pc_bi_lcbi024
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Export Compliance - The Decision Tree _pc_bi_lcbi025
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Harassment and Retaliation for Managers _pc_bi_lcbi029
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Harassment:  A Case Study for Managers _pc_bi_lcbi030
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: IT Security:  What You Need to Know About Phishing _pc_bi_lcbi031
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: IT Security:  Safeguarding Your Mobile Devices _pc_bi_lcbi032
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Bullying: The Manager's Role _pc_bi_lcbi039
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Diversity:  Its Value in the Workplace _pc_bi_lcbi033
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Import Compliance - Country of Origin _pc_bi_lcbi035
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Import Compliance:  Product Classification _pc_bi_lcbi036
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Diversity:  Ensuring a Diverse Applicant Pool _pc_bi_lcbi037
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Bullying:  Not in the Workplace _pc_bi_lcbi038
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Export Compliance - What's the Risk? _pc_bi_lcbi026
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Harassment and Retaliation _pc_bi_lcbi027
COMPLIANCE EXPERT: Harassment:  A Case Study _pc_bi_lcbi028
Compliance Short Series(29)
TitleTypeID / Description
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Anti-bribery lchr_01_b23_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Anti-bribery 2 lchr_01_b27_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Antitrust lchr_01_b28_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Antitrust 2 lchr_01_b29_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Privacy and Information Security lchr_01_b30_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Privacy and Information Security 2 lchr_01_b31_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Insider Dealing lchr_01_b32_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest lchr_01_b33_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Preventing Harassment and Promoting Respect lchr_01_b34_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Preventing Harassment and Promoting Respect 2 lchr_01_b35_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Social Media and Electronic Communications lchr_01_b36_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Social Media and Electronic Communications 2 lchr_01_b37_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Promoting Diversity and Avoiding Discrimination lchr_01_b43_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Anti-money Laundering lchr_01_b44_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Government Contracting lchr_01_b45_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Cybersecurity lchr_01_b47_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Promoting Safety and Security at Work lchr_01_b48_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Accounting and Financial Integrity lchr_01_b49_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Protection of Company Information lchr_01_b38_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Business Ethics lchr_01_b39_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Records Management lchr_01_b40_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  Promoting the Reporting of Misconduct lchr_01_b41_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Gifts, Gratuities, and Entertainment lchr_01_b42_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT:  International Trade Compliance lchr_01_b46_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Intellectual Property Protection lchr_01_b76_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Cybersecurity 2 lchr_01_b77_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Protecting Human Rights lchr_01_b78_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Protecting Customer Information lchr_01_b80_lc_enus
COMPLIANCE SHORT: Accommodating Disabilities lchr_01_b79_lc_enus