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Operations Curriculum

The Foundations of Six Sigma (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Are You Listening to Your Customers? _pc_bi_ssbi001
Quick Wins in Six Sigma Implementation _pc_bi_ssbi002
Six Sigma Versus TQM _pc_bi_ssbi003
Lean Inbound Transportation _pc_bi_ssbi004
A Critical-to-quality Tree - What's That? _pc_bi_ssbi006
Basic Measurement Concepts in Six Sigma _pc_bi_ssbi007
Does Your Business Really Need Six Sigma? _pc_ch_ssch001
Identifying Candidates for Key Six Sigma Roles _pc_ch_ssch002
Six Sigma Green Belt: Six Sigma and the Organization (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma and Organizational Goals oper_24_a01_bs_enus
Lean Principles and Six Sigma Projects oper_24_a02_bs_enus
Design for Six Sigma and FMEA oper_24_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt: Define (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma Project Identification oper_25_a01_bs_enus
Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma oper_25_a02_bs_enus
Basics of Six Sigma Project Management oper_25_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Management and Planning Tools oper_25_a04_bs_enus
Performance Metrics for Six Sigma oper_25_a05_bs_enus
Six Sigma Project Team Dynamics and Performance oper_25_a06_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt: Measure (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Process Documentation and Analysis in Six Sigma oper_26_a01_bs_enus
Basic Probability and Statistical Distributions in Six Sigma oper_26_a02_bs_enus
Data Classification, Sampling, and Collection in Six Sigma oper_26_a03_bs_enus
Statistics and Graphical Presentation in Six Sigma oper_26_a04_bs_enus
Measurement System Analysis in Six Sigma oper_26_a05_bs_enus
Process and Performance Capability Measurement in Six Sigma oper_26_a06_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt: Analyze (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Multi-vari Studies, Correlation, and Linear Regression in Six Sigma oper_27_a01_bs_enus
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and Tests for Means in Six Sigma oper_27_a02_bs_enus
Hypothesis Tests for Variances and Proportions in Six Sigma oper_27_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt: Improve (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Design of Experiments in Six Sigma oper_28_a01_bs_enus
Root Cause Analysis and Waste Elimination in Six Sigma oper_28_a02_bs_enus
Cycle Time Reduction and Kaizen in Six Sigma oper_28_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt: Control (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Statistical Process Control and Control Plans in Six Sigma oper_29_a01_bs_enus
Creating and Using Control Charts in Six Sigma oper_29_a02_bs_enus
Lean Tools for Process Control in Six Sigma oper_29_a03_bs_enus
Leading Sustainable Process Improvement (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Spearheading a Process Improvement _pc_ch_opch001
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Organization-wide Planning and Deployment (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma and their Applications oper_36_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Project Selection, Roles, and Responsibilities oper_36_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Strategic Planning and Deployment oper_36_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Organizational Process Management and Measures (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Impact on Stakeholders and Benchmarking for Six Sigma oper_37_a01_bs_enus
Using Business and Financial Measures in Six Sigma oper_37_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Team Management (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma Team Dynamics, Roles, and Success Factors oper_38_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Team Facilitation and Leadership oper_38_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Team Dynamics and Training oper_38_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Define (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Determining Requirements by Listening to the Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma oper_39_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Business Case, Project Charter, and Tools oper_39_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Measure (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Process Flow Metrics and Analysis Tools for Six Sigma oper_40_a01_bs_enus
Data Types, Sampling, Collection, and Measurement in Six Sigma oper_40_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Measurement Systems and Metrology oper_40_a03_bs_enus
Using Basic Statistics and Graphical Methods in Six Sigma oper_40_a04_bs_enus
Probability and Probability Distributions in Six Sigma oper_40_a05_bs_enus
Determining Process Performance and Capability in Six Sigma oper_40_a06_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Analyze (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Measuring and Modeling Relationships between Variables in Six Sigma oper_41_a01_bs_enus
Basics of Hypothesis Testing and Tests for Means in Six Sigma oper_41_a02_bs_enus
Tests for Variances and Proportions, ANOVA, and Goodness-of-fit in Six Sigma oper_41_a03_bs_enus
Multivariate Tools and Nonparametric Tests in Six Sigma oper_41_a04_bs_enus
FMEA and Other Nonstatistical Analysis Methods in Six Sigma oper_41_a05_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Improve (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Understanding DOE and Planning Experiments in Six Sigma oper_42_a01_bs_enus
Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Experiments in Six Sigma oper_42_a02_bs_enus
Lean Improvement Methods and Implementation Planning in Six Sigma oper_42_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Control (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Control Charts in Six Sigma oper_43_a01_bs_enus
Using Lean Control Tools and Maintaining Controls in Six Sigma oper_43_a02_bs_enus
Sustaining Six Sigma Improvements oper_43_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Black Belt (2015 BOK): Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Common DFSS Methodologies, Design for X, and Robust Designs oper_44_a01_bs_enus
Operations Management: Efficiency of Production (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Operations Management Functions and Strategies oper_45_a01_bs_enus
Strategic Product and Service Management oper_45_a02_bs_enus
Supply Chain Management Basics: Cutting Costs and Optimizing Delivery oper_45_a03_bs_enus
Inventory Management: Aligning Inventory with Production and Demand oper_45_a04_bs_enus
Optimizing Operations Using Demand Forecasting and Capacity Management oper_45_a05_bs_enus
Understanding Lean Production (7)
TitleTypeID / Description
Using Lean to Perfect Organizational Processes oper_46_a01_bs_enus
Using Lean to Improve Flow and Pull oper_46_a02_bs_enus
Using Lean to Reduce Waste and Streamline Value Flow oper_46_a03_bs_enus
Applying Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business oper_46_a04_bs_enus
Five Steps to Perfection: Implementing Lean _pc_bi_ssbi009
Value Stream Maps for Non-manufacturing Processes _pc_bi_ssbi010
Do You Share Your Organization's Values? _pc_bi_pabi006
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Six Sigma Fundamentals (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma and Lean: Foundations and Principles apr_07_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma: Team Basics, Roles, and Responsibilities apr_07_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma: Quality Tools (New) apr_07_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma: Metrics apr_07_a04_bs_enus
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Define (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma: Identifying Projects apr_08_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma: Project Management Basics apr_08_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Measure (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Basic Six Sigma Statistics apr_09_a01_bs_enus
Classifying and Collecting Data apr_09_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis apr_09_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Analyze (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Lean Tools and FMEA apr_10_a01_bs_enus
Data Analysis and Root Cause Analysis in Six Sigma apr_10_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Correlation, Regression, and Hypothesis Testing apr_10_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Improve and Control (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma Techniques for Improvement apr_11_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Control Tools and Documentation apr_11_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Six Sigma and Organizational Strategy (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Organizational Goals and Six Sigma apr_01_a01_bs_enus
Lean Principles in Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_01_a02_bs_enus
FMEA and Design for Six Sigma (New) apr_01_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Define (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Identifying Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_02_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Voice of the Customer (New) apr_02_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Project Management Essentials (New) apr_02_a03_bs_enus
Management and Planning Tools for Six Sigma (New) apr_02_a04_bs_enus
Six Sigma Performance Metrics (New) apr_02_a05_bs_enus
Team Dynamics and Performance for Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_02_a06_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Measure (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma Process Documentation and Analysis (New) apr_03_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Probability and Statistical Distributions (New) apr_03_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Data Classification, Sampling, and Collection (New) apr_03_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Statistics and Graphical Presentation (New) apr_03_a04_bs_enus
Mentoring Asset (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Mentoring Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) mntcssgb
Mentoring Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB) mntcssyb
Test Preps (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
TestPrep Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) oper_ssgb_a02_tp_enus
TestPrep Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB) oper_30_a01_tp_enus

Strategic Planning Curriculum

Moving From an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports _pc_bi_pfbi004
Leading Outside the Organization _pc_bi_lsbi005
Returning to Core Competencies _pc_bi_lsbi014
Competitive Awareness and Strategy _pc_ch_lach022
The Fundamentals of Globalization (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Managing Expatriates' Career Development _pc_bi_mgbi011
The Etiquette of Cross-cultural Gift Giving _pc_bi_spbi015
Evaluating Globalization Opportunities _pc_ch_lach019
Fundamentals of Business Planning (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Preparing and Implementing a Business Plan ast_02_a01_bs_enus
Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports _pc_bi_pfbi004
Leading Outside the Organization _pc_bi_lsbi005
Returning to Core Competencies _pc_bi_lsbi014
Competitive Awareness and Strategy _pc_ch_lach022
Thinking Strategically and Managing Risk (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Thinking Strategically as a Manager ast_01_a01_bs_enus
Using Strategic Thinking to Consider the Big Picture ast_01_a02_bs_enus
Identifying Risks in Your Organization ast_01_a03_bs_enus
Assessing Your Organization's Risks ast_01_a04_bs_enus
Responding Effectively to Risks ast_01_a05_bs_enus
Big Data Basics (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Big Data Fundamentals aba_01_a01_bs_enus
Big Data Interpretation aba_01_a02_bs_enus

Marketing Curriculum

Essential Marketing Strategies (9)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Basics of Marketing mkt_05_a01_bs_enus
The People and Planning in Marketing mkt_05_a02_bs_enus
Product, Pricing, and Promotion in the Marketing Mix mkt_05_a03_bs_enus
Distribution and E-Marketing Ethics in the Marketing Mix mkt_05_a04_bs_enus
Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Your Organization mkt_05_a05_bs_enus
Designing Products to Fit the Channel _pc_bi_spbi005
Increasing Competitiveness through Collaboration _pc_ch_lsch006
Using Web Analytics to Increase Sales _pc_bi_spbi012
Trade Show Marketing - Planning Ahead _pc_bi_spbi013
Essentials of Public Relations (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Strategies for the Modern Public Relations Professional amk_01_a01_bs_enus
Writing Skills for Public Relations amk_01_a02_bs_enus
Marketing in the Digital Age (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Reaching Customers Digitally amk_02_a01_bs_enus
Helping Customers Find You amk_02_a02_bs_enus
Managing Your Corporate Reputation Online amk_02_a03_bs_enus


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Finance and Accounting Curriculum

Finance and Accounting Essentials for Non-financial Professionals (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Recognizing The Value of Intangible Assets _pc_bi_fabi007
Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals (12)
TitleTypeID / Description
Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-financial Professionals fin_08_a01_bs_enus
Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals fin_08_a02_bs_enus
Comprehending Financials: A Guide to Financial Statements fin_08_a03_bs_enus
Financial Statement Analysis for Non-financial Professionals fin_08_a04_bs_enus
Increasing Cash Flow in Times of Need _pc_bi_fabi003
Attracting New Investors - Keeping Presentations Focused _pc_bi_fabi004
What's Your Gross Profit Margin Really Saying? _pc_bi_fabi006
Recognizing The Value of Intangible Assets _pc_bi_fabi007
Recession: How it Affects Business _pc_bi_fabi008
Assessing Nonrecurring Items in Income Statements _pc_bi_fabi009
The Time Value of Money: Possible Pitfalls _pc_bi_fabi011
Using Financial Analysis for Credit Decisions _pc_ch_lach012
Accounting Basics (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Key Accounting Concepts and Principles fin_09_a01_bs_enus
Recording, Posting, and Balancing the Books fin_09_a02_bs_enus
Preparing Financial Statements and Closing Accounts fin_09_a03_bs_enus
Accounting for Stock Transactions fin_09_a04_bs_enus
Outsourcing Financial Activities _pc_bi_fabi001
Deconstructing the Balance Sheet _pc_bi_fabi010
Cost Consciousness in the Workplace (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Focusing on the Bottom Line as an Employee afn_01_a01_bs_enus
Managing with a Cost-control Mindset afn_01_a02_bs_enus

Human Resources Curriculum

Human Resources Core Knowledge (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Human Resources Core Knowledge (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_09_a01_fe_enus
Human Resources Core Knowledge: Skills, Concepts, and Tools hr_09_b01_bs_enus
Human Resources Core Knowledge: Functions and Activities hr_09_b02_bs_enus
Business Management and Strategy (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Business Management and Strategy (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_10_a01_fe_enus
Business Management and Strategy: The HR Function and Business Environment hr_10_b01_bs_enus
Business Management and Strategy: HR and the Strategic Planning Process hr_10_b02_bs_enus
Business Management and Strategy: HR Functions and Roles hr_10_b03_bs_enus
Workforce Planning and Employment (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Workforce Planning and Employment (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_11_a01_fe_enus
Workforce Planning and Employment: Employment Legislation hr_11_b01_bs_enus
Workforce Planning and Employment: Recruitment Strategies hr_11_b02_bs_enus
Workforce Planning and Employment: Sourcing and Selecting Candidates hr_11_b03_bs_enus
Workforce Planning and Employment: Orientation, Onboarding, and Exit Strategies hr_11_b04_bs_enus
Human Resource Development (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Human Resource Development (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_12_a01_fe_enus
Human Resource Development: Regulations and Organizational Development hr_12_b01_bs_enus
Human Resource Development: Employee Training hr_12_b02_bs_enus
Human Resource Development: Performance Appraisal and Talent Management hr_12_b03_bs_enus
Compensation and Benefits (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Compensation and Benefits (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_13_a01_fe_enus
Compensation and Benefits: Regulations, Strategies, and Needs Assessment hr_13_b01_bs_enus
Compensation and Benefits: Managing Policies, Programs, and Activities hr_13_b02_bs_enus
Compensation and Benefits: Organizational Responsibilities hr_13_b03_bs_enus
Employee and Labor Relations (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Employee and Labor Relations (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_14_a01_fe_enus
Employee and Labor Relations: Employment Regulations and Organizational Programs hr_14_b01_bs_enus
Employee and Labor Relations: Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues and Resolution hr_14_b02_bs_enus
Employee and Labor Relations: Unions and Collective Bargaining hr_14_b03_bs_enus
Risk Management (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Risk Management (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned) hr_15_a01_fe_enus
Risk Management: Organizational Risk and Safety and Health Legislation hr_15_b01_bs_enus
Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy hr_15_b02_bs_enus
Strategic Human Resource Management (HRCI: SPHR-aligned) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Final Exam: Strategic Human Resource Management (HRCI: SPHR-aligned) hr_16_a01_fe_enus
Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part I hr_16_b01_bs_enus
Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part II hr_16_b02_bs_enus
SHRM-CP/SCP: HR Competencies (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
HR Competencies: Leadership and Ethical Practice hr_17_a01_bs_enus
HR Competencies: Business Acumen and Relationship Management hr_17_a02_bs_enus
HR Competencies: Consultation and Critical Evaluation hr_17_a03_bs_enus
HR Competencies: Global and Cultural Effectiveness and Communication hr_17_a04_bs_enus
SHRM-CP/SCP: Management of People (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Management of People: Talent Acquisition and Retention hr_18_a01_bs_enus
Management of People: Employee Engagement hr_18_a02_bs_enus
Management of People: Learning and Development hr_18_a03_bs_enus
Management of People: Total Rewards hr_18_a04_bs_enus
SHRM-CP/SCP: Organization and the HR Function (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Organization and HR: Structure of the HR Function hr_19_a01_bs_enus
Organization and HR: Organizational Effectiveness and Development hr_19_a02_bs_enus
Organization and HR: Workforce Management and Using Technology and Data hr_19_a03_bs_enus
Organization and HR: Employee Relations hr_19_a04_bs_enus
SHRM-CP/SCP: Workplace Management and HR (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Workplace Management: Global HR, Diversity, and Inclusion hr_20_a01_bs_enus
Workplace Management: Risk Management hr_20_a02_bs_enus
Workplace Management: Corporate Social Responsibility hr_20_a03_bs_enus
Workplace Management: Employment Laws and Regulations hr_20_a04_bs_enus
SHRM-CP/SCP: HR Strategy Management (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Human Resource Strategy Management: Strategic Planning hr_21_a01_bs_enus
Human Resource Strategy Management: Business and HR Strategy hr_21_a02_bs_enus
SHRM- SCP: HRM for Senior HR Professionals (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Advanced HR Management: Competencies for Senior HR Professionals Part I hr_22_a01_bs_enus
Advanced HR Management: Competencies for Senior HR Professionals Part II hr_22_a02_bs_enus
Advanced Human Resources Management: People and Organization hr_22_a03_bs_enus
Advanced Human Resources Management: Workplace and HR Strategy hr_22_a04_bs_enus
Recruiting, Screening, and Onboarding Effectively (13)
TitleTypeID / Description
Ensuring Onboarding Success ahr_01_a03_bs_enus
Hitting the Recruitment Bull's-eye ahr_01_a01_bs_enus
Applicant Screening: The First Step in Hiring the Best ahr_01_a02_bs_enus
Guarding Against Interviewing Biases _pc_bi_hrbi003
Conducting Interviews: Asking the Right Questions _pc_bi_hrbi014
Creating a Compelling Job Description _pc_bi_hrbi015
Hiring Strategic Thinkers _pc_ch_lach011
Hiring a New Employee _pc_ch_lach028
Fringe Benefits: Maintaining a Competitive Hiring Advantage _pc_bi_hrbi004
Aligning Recruitment to Job Requirements _pc_bi_hrbi001
Preventing High Turnover Rates: How to Keep The Best _pc_bi_mgbi008
Disciplines of Organizational Learning: Personal Mastery _pc_bi_pfbi011
Surviving the Talent Crunch _pc_ch_lsch007
Transformational HR and Talent Management (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning for Skills Needs and Managing Performance ahr_02_a01_bs_enus
Building Career Development Programs and Succession Planning ahr_02_a02_bs_enus
Implementing Transformational HR ahr_02_a03_bs_enus
Individual Behavior in Organizations ahr_02_a04_bs_enus

Administrative Support Curriculum

Administrative Support: Secrets to Success (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills aad_01_a01_bs_enus
Administrative Support: Working in Partnership with Your Boss aad_01_a02_bs_enus
Administrative Support: Interacting Effectively with Colleagues aad_01_a03_bs_enus
Administrative Support: Projecting a Positive Professional Image aad_01_a04_bs_enus


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Management Curriculum

First Time Manager Essentials (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Reality of Being a First-time Manager amg_01_a01_bs_enus
Facing Challenges as a First-time Manager amg_01_a02_bs_enus
Managing Fairly _pc_bi_mgbi016
Acting Decisively _pc_ch_lach034
Employee Dismissal _pc_ch_lach038
Making the Move Into Management _pc_ch_lach029
Managing Employee Performance (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Keeping Top Performers Challenged amg_03_a01_bs_enus
Planning an Effective Performance Appraisal amg_03_a02_bs_enus
Creating a Plan for Performance Management amg_03_a03_bs_enus
Detecting and Dealing with Performance Problems amg_03_a04_bs_enus
Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal _pc_bi_pfbi017
Underperforming Employee - Now What? _pc_bi_hrbi010
Managing Performance _pc_ch_lach002
Attracting and Retaining Talent _pc_ch_lach021
Advanced Management Techniques (11)
TitleTypeID / Description
Gauging Your Organization's High-performing Potential amg_04_a01_bs_enus
Managing for Cross-functionality amg_04_a02_bs_enus
Managing Your Company's Talent amg_04_a03_bs_enus
Managing the Unique Needs of Experts amg_04_a04_bs_enus
Fostering Mentoring Relationships amg_04_a05_bs_enus
Managing Top Performers Is Always Easy...Right? _pc_bi_hrbi013
Recognizing Natural Leaders _pc_ch_lsch001
Developing Adaptable Managers _pc_bi_mgbi013
Employee Engagement _pc_ch_mgch006
Delivering Bad News Effectively _pc_ch_lach033
Building Upward Relationships _pc_ch_lach039
Leveraging Key Management Techniques (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Effectively Directing and Delegating as a Manager amg_02_a01_bs_enus
Managing Employee Development amg_02_a02_bs_enus
Facing the Management Challenges of Difficult Behavior and Diverse Teams amg_02_a03_bs_enus
Being a Fair and Caring Manager amg_02_a04_bs_enus
Managing a Multigenerational Workforce (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce amg_05_a01_bs_enus
Managing Multigenerational Employees amg_05_a02_bs_enus
Managing an Aging Workforce _pc_bi_mgbi005
Developing the Next Generation _pc_bi_lsbi007
Understanding the Motives of Millennials _pc_bi_mgbi014
Managing in Difficult Times (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough amg_06_a01_bs_enus
Managing Motivation during Organizational Change amg_06_a02_bs_enus
How to Manage Difficult Conversations amg_06_a03_bs_enus
Demonstrating Accountability in a Crisis Situation _pc_ch_lach007
Perseverance and Flexibility in Times of Crisis _pc_ch_lach026
Fostering Success through Coaching (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Driving Change with Coaching amg_07_a01_bs_enus
Measuring and Sustaining a Coachee's Performance amg_07_a02_bs_enus
The Art of Effective Coaching _pc_bi_lsbi018
Coaching _pc_ch_lach024
Coaching to Shift Perceptions _pc_ch_mgch007
Achieving Success through Delegation (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Choosing and Preparing Your Delegate amg_08_a01_bs_enus
Getting What You Expect from Your Delegate amg_08_a02_bs_enus
Taking Your Team to the Next Level with Delegation amg_08_a03_bs_enus
Delegating Appropriate Tasks _pc_bi_mgbi007
Developing Employees through Delegation _pc_ch_lach017

Leadership Curriculum

Effective Succession Planning (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Succession Planning _pc_bi_lsbi002
Succession Planning and Management Programs _pc_ch_lsch004
Developing Leadership Skills (9)
TitleTypeID / Description
Motivating Your Employees ald_01_a01_bs_enus
Communicating Vision to Your Employees ald_01_a02_bs_enus
Leading through Positive Influence ald_01_a03_bs_enus
Leveraging Emotional Intelligence ald_01_a04_bs_enus
Communicating a Shared Vision _pc_bi_lsbi001
Motivating Human Behavior _pc_ch_lsch002
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader _pc_ch_lach014
Crafting an Organizational Vision _pc_ch_lach040
Leader as Motivator _pc_ch_lach008
Leveraging Leadership Techniques (14)
TitleTypeID / Description
Key Elements of Business Execution ald_02_a01_bs_enus
Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders ald_02_a02_bs_enus
Leading Your Team through Change ald_02_a03_bs_enus
Building a Leadership Development Plan ald_02_a04_bs_enus
Aligning Unit Goals and Imperatives ald_02_a05_bs_enus
Leading Teams through Change _pc_bi_lsbi003
Knowing When to Take Leadership Risks _pc_bi_lsbi006
Wanted - Innovation Leaders _pc_bi_lsbi013
Developing a Business Execution Culture _pc_ch_lach001
Leading Change _pc_ch_lach004
Leading Innovation _pc_ch_lach010
Fostering a Business Execution Culture _pc_bi_lsbi008
Performance Dashboard or Scorecard? _pc_bi_mgbi012
Do You Share Your Organization's Values? _pc_bi_pabi006
Creating a Positive Atmosphere (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce ald_03_a01_bs_enus
Positive Atmosphere: Establishing a Positive Work Environment ald_03_a02_bs_enus
Positive Atmosphere: How Organizational Learning Drives Positive Change ald_03_a03_bs_enus
Improving Leadership Skills (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Becoming an Inspirational Leader ald_04_a01_bs_enus
Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance ald_04_a02_bs_enus
Women In Leadership (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Gender and Leadership ald_05_a01_bs_enus
Choosing to Lead as a Woman ald_05_a02_bs_enus
Career and Family Challenges for Women Leaders ald_05_a03_bs_enus
Leading Virtual Teams (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Establishing Effective Virtual Teams ald_06_a01_bs_enus
Facing Virtual Team Challenges ald_06_a02_bs_enus


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Communication Curriculum

Getting Results without Direct Authority (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Influencing Key Decision Makers _pc_bi_lsbi015
Influence and Persuasion _pc_ch_lach016
Getting Results through Personal Power (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Personal Power and Credibility comm_42_a01_bs_enus
Building Personal Power through Influence comm_42_a02_bs_enus
Influence Others with Political Savvy comm_42_a03_bs_enus
Influencing Key Decision Makers _pc_bi_lsbi015
Influence and Persuasion _pc_ch_lach016
Working with Difficult People (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Difficult People: Why They Act That Way and How to Deal with Them comm_46_a01_bs_enus
Difficult People: Can't Change Them, so Change Yourself comm_46_a02_bs_enus
Difficult People: Strategies to Keep Everyone Working Together comm_46_a03_bs_enus
Coping with Aggressive Behavior in the Workplace _pc_bi_pabi008
Blame Backfires--Conquer Negative Thinking _pc_bi_pfbi003
Reacting to Co-workers Who Try Taking Advantage _pc_ch_pfch003
Managing and Controlling Anger (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Essentials for Anger Management comm_47_a01_bs_enus
Cross-Cultural Communication (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
How Culture Impacts Communication comm_48_a01_bs_enus
Using Communication Strategies to Bridge Cultural Divides comm_48_a02_bs_enus
Communicating with a Cross-cultural Audience _pc_bi_pfbi020
Dispute Resolution in International Contracts _pc_ch_lsch005
Communicating with Senior Executives (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives comm_49_a01_bs_enus
Effective Business Meetings (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose comm_50_a01_bs_enus
Running Meetings in Better Directions comm_50_a02_bs_enus
When Too Many Meetings Are Just Too Much _pc_bi_pfbi008
Making Meetings Work _pc_bi_pfbi018
Managing Meetings for Productivity and Effectiveness _pc_ch_lach031
Effective Business Writing (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Audience and Purpose in Business Writing comm_51_a01_bs_enus
Clarity and Conciseness in Business Writing comm_51_a02_bs_enus
Editing and Proofreading Business Documents comm_51_a03_bs_enus
Writing for Business _pc_bi_pabi012
Written Communication _pc_ch_pach015
Writing a Business Case (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Developing an Effective Business Case acm_01_a01_bs_enus
Using E-mail Effectively in the Workplace (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Writing Effective E-mails and Instant Messages acm_02_a01_bs_enus
Sending E-mails to the Right People acm_02_a02_bs_enus
Organizing Your E-mail acm_02_a03_bs_enus
Essential Skills for Professional Telephone Calls (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Keeping Business Calls Professional acm_03_a01_bs_enus
Practical Grammar for Business Writing (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Using the Parts of Speech acm_04_a01_bs_enus
Getting the Details Right: Spelling Basics acm_04_a02_bs_enus
Abbreviating, Capitalizing, and Using Numbers acm_04_a03_bs_enus
Using Punctuation Marks acm_04_a04_bs_enus
Creating Well-constructed Sentences acm_04_a05_bs_enus
Troublesome Words and Phrases: Common Usage Mistakes in Writing acm_04_a06_bs_enus
Making the Most of Your Presentations (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning an Effective Presentation acm_05_a01_bs_enus
Building Your Presentation acm_05_a02_bs_enus
Ensuring Successful Presentation Delivery acm_05_a03_bs_enus
Handling Difficult Questions as a Presenter _pc_bi_pabi007
Skills for Communication Success (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Art and Science of Communication acm_07_a01_bs_enus
Making an Impact with Non-verbal Communication acm_07_a02_bs_enus
Trust Building through Effective Communication acm_07_a03_bs_enus
Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point acm_07_a04_bs_enus
Become a Great Listener acm_07_a05_bs_enus
Do We Have a Failure to Communicate? acm_07_a06_bs_enus
Making Yourself Approachable _pc_bi_pabi011
Asserting Yourself in the Workplace _pc_ch_pach016
Developing Your Listening Skills (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Listening Even When it's Difficult to Listen acm_14_a01_bs_enus
Using Active Listening in Workplace Situations acm_14_a02_bs_enus
Listening to Improve Conversation _pc_bi_pabi001
Effective Listening _pc_ch_lach030
Listening with Skill _pc_ch_pach002
Dealing with Workplace Conflict (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Many Approaches to Facing Workplace Conflict acm_11_a01_bs_enus
Facing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace acm_11_a02_bs_enus
Confrontation: What's the Best Approach _pc_bi_mgbi009
Personal Conflict Styles _pc_bi_pabi002
Coping with Accusations in the Workplace _pc_ch_lsch003
Managing Conflict _pc_ch_lach009
Conflict: Avoid, Confront, or Delay? _pc_ch_pach004
Meeting the Challenge of Workplace Conflict _pc_ch_coch001
Developing Effective Negotiation Skills (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
The First Steps in Negotiating acm_12_a01_bs_enus
Negotiating the Best Solution acm_12_a02_bs_enus
Effective Body Language in Negotiations _pc_bi_pfbi013
Vendor Negotiations: Choosing the Best Approach _pc_ch_lach032
Tailoring Your Negotiating Approach _pc_ch_coch002
Achieving Emotional Intelligence (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Navigating Your Own Emotions acm_13_a01_bs_enus
Navigating Other People's Emotions acm_13_a02_bs_enus
Navigating the Workplace with Emotional Intelligence acm_13_a03_bs_enus
How High Is Your EQ? _pc_bi_pfbi009
Emotional Intelligence at Work _pc_ch_pach014
The Art of Feedback (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Polishing Your Feedback Skills acm_15_a01_bs_enus
Gaining a Positive Perspective on Feedback acm_15_a02_bs_enus
Criticism in Context _pc_bi_pfbi016
Giving Appropriate Feedback _pc_ch_lach006
Giving Feedback to Coworkers _pc_ch_pach006
Communicating Tactfully and Diplomatically (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Acting with Diplomacy and Tact acm_16_a01_bs_enus
Navigating Challenging Situations with Diplomacy and Tact acm_16_a02_bs_enus
Storytelling Basics (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Fundamentals of Business Storytelling acm_17_a01_bs_enus
Writing Skills for Technical Professionals (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Improving Your Technical Writing Skills acm_06_a01_it_enus

Personal Development Curriculum

Doing Business Professionally (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Reframing Negative Situations _pc_bi_hrbi008
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-balanced Workload _pc_bi_mgbi010
Creating Work/Life Balance _pc_ch_lach036
Building and Maintaining Trust (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Rebuilding Trust _pc_bi_pabi005
Perseverance and Resilience (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Persevering through Setbacks _pc_ch_pach011
Perseverance at Work (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience pe_03_a01_bs_enus
Reaching Goals Using Perseverance and Resilience pe_03_a02_bs_enus
Perseverance: Flexibility in Action _pc_bi_pabi004
Persevering through Setbacks _pc_ch_pach011
Building, Rebuilding and Sustaining Trust (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Building Blocks of Building Trust pe_04_a01_bs_enus
The Fruits of Integrity: Building Trust at Work _pc_ch_pach012
Rebuilding Trust _pc_bi_pabi005
Improving Your Work/Life Balance (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance pd_30_a01_bs_enus
Staying Balanced in a Shifting World pd_30_a02_bs_enus
Take a Deep Breath and Manage Your Stress pd_30_a03_bs_enus
Managing Workplace Stress _pc_bi_hrbi006
Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-balanced Workload _pc_bi_mgbi010
Creating Work/Life Balance _pc_ch_lach036
Navigating through Organizational Change (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Organizations Change So Get Ready pd_31_a01_bs_enus
Redefining Yourself after Organizational Change pd_31_a02_bs_enus
Managing the Stress of Organizational Change _pc_bi_mgbi004
The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace _pc_bi_pfbi007
Developing Organizational Agility _pc_ch_pach024
Improving Your Personal Productivity (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace pd_32_a01_bs_enus
Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead pd_32_a02_bs_enus
Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks pd_32_a03_bs_enus
Achieve Productivity in Your Personal Life pd_32_a04_bs_enus
Polishing Your Professional Edge (9)
TitleTypeID / Description
Becoming an Accountable Professional pe_05_a01_bs_enus
Becoming Your Own Best Boss pe_05_a02_bs_enus
Becoming More Professional through Business Etiquette pe_05_a03_bs_enus
Developing a Personal Accountability Framework pe_05_a04_bs_enus
Safe Small Talk _pc_bi_pfbi012
Broadening Your Learning Horizons _pc_bi_pabi013
Reframing Negative Situations _pc_bi_hrbi008
Managing Goals _pc_ch_lach027
Targeting Personal Learning _pc_ch_pach022
360 Degree Relationships (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers apd_04_a01_bs_enus
Building Your Professional Network apd_04_a02_bs_enus
Building Rapport with Your Boss apd_04_a03_bs_enus
Peer Political Styles _pc_bi_pabi010
Building Better Relationships through Understanding _pc_ch_pach017
Building Peer Relationships _pc_ch_pach019
Diversity on the Job (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Bridging the Diversity Gap apd_01_a01_bs_enus
Your Role in Workplace Diversity apd_01_a02_bs_enus
Understanding Workplace Diversity _pc_bi_hrbi002
Managing Diversity _pc_ch_lach015
Performing Under Pressure (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Managing Pressure and Stress to Optimize Your Performance apd_07_a01_bs_enus
Managing Your Career (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Developing Your Career _pc_ch_lach037
Developing a Plan to Further Your Career apd_03_a01_bs_enus
Getting Your Career on the Right Track apd_03_a02_bs_enus
Using Performance Appraisals to Advance Your Career apd_03_a03_bs_enus
Conquering Career Stagnation _pc_bi_pfbi019
Building and Managing Upward Relationships _pc_ch_pach008
Planning Your Career _pc_ch_pach013
Exploring Self-development _pc_ch_pach023
Business Ethics Essentials (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Developing Your Business Ethics apd_05_a01_bs_enus
Office Politics - What Will You Do? _pc_ch_pfch004
Ethics, Integrity, and Trust _pc_ch_lach005
The Ethics Enigma _pc_ch_pach020
Public Speaking Strategies (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Writing and Preparing an Effective Speech apd_06_a01_bs_enus
Conquering the Challenges of Public Speaking apd_06_a02_bs_enus
Creativity in the Workplace (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity apd_02_a01_bs_enus
Verifying and Building on Creative Ideas apd_02_a02_bs_enus
Getting Ready to Present _pc_ch_pach018
Time Management (11)
TitleTypeID / Description
Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time apd_08_a01_bs_enus
Make the Time You Need: Get Organized apd_08_a02_bs_enus
The Art of Staying Focused apd_08_a03_bs_enus
Coping with Information Overload _pc_bi_pfbi002
Prioritizing Personal and Professional Responsibilities _pc_bi_mgbi003
Planning for Interruptions Helps with Procrastination _pc_bi_pfbi014
Setting and Managing Priorities _pc_ch_lach018
Coping with Conflicting Priorities _pc_ch_pach005
Setting Goals _pc_ch_pach007
Getting Time under Control _pc_ch_pach021
The Dangers of Multitasking _pc_bi_pabi003
Discovering Your Strengths (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Uncovering and Utilizing Your Talents and Skills apd_10_a01_bs_enus
Self-improvement for Lifelong Success apd_10_a02_bs_enus
Establishing Self-confidence for Life apd_10_a03_bs_enus
Overcoming Procrastination (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Procrastination: Admitting it is the First Step apd_11_a01_bs_enus
Beating Procrastination by Boosting Your Creativity and Drive apd_11_a02_bs_enus
Improving Your Memory (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Improving Your Memory Skills apd_12_a01_bs_enus
Improving Your Reading Speed (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Improving Your Reading Speed and Comprehension apd_13_a01_bs_enus
Unconscious Bias (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Understanding Unconscious Bias apd_14_a01_bs_enus
Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases apd_14_a02_bs_enus
Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace apd_14_a03_bs_enus
Facing Problems and Making Decisions (20)
TitleTypeID / Description
Getting to the Root of a Problem apd_15_a01_bs_enus
Defining Alternative Solutions to a Problem apd_15_a02_bs_enus
Choosing and Using the Best Solution apd_15_a03_bs_enus
Playing the Devil's Advocate in Decision Making _pc_bi_pfbi005
Turning Problems Around with Reverse Brainstorming _pc_bi_lsbi017
Uncovering the Root Problem _pc_ch_lach003
Problem Solving: Process, Tools, and Techniques _pc_ch_pach003
Decisions: Making the Right Move _pc_ch_pech001
Managing Projects with No Direct Authority _pc_bi_pmbi001
Ensuring Management Buy-in on a Project _pc_bi_pmbi002
Managing Conflict in Project Teams _pc_bi_pmbi003
Managing Scope on a Project _pc_bi_pmbi004
Weighing the Costs of Project Change _pc_bi_pmbi005
Managing Vendor Relationships _pc_bi_pmbi006
Anticipating and Solving Problems as a Project Champion _pc_bi_pmbi007
Addressing Stakeholder Conflicts _pc_bi_pmbi008
Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: What's the Difference? _pc_bi_pmbi009
Controlling Project Cost _pc_bi_pmbi010
Project Management Essentials _pc_ch_lach041
Supporting Project Managers _pc_ch_lach042
Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Confronting Your Assumptions apd_17_a01_bs_enus
Investigating Arguments apd_17_a02_bs_enus
Reaching Sound Conclusions apd_17_a03_bs_enus
Critical Thinking _pc_ch_lach025
Applying Your Best Thinking _pc_ch_pech003
Creating Lasting Organizational Change (9)
TitleTypeID / Description
Facilitating Sustainable Change apd_18_a01_bs_enus
Moving Forward with Change Planning apd_18_a02_bs_enus
Making Change Stick apd_18_a03_bs_enus
Communicating Properly during Layoffs _pc_bi_hrbi005
Involving Employees in Corporate Change _pc_bi_lsbi011
Communicating Organizational Change _pc_bi_mgbi015
Beyond Change: Working with Agility _pc_bi_pabi009
Developing People _pc_ch_lach013
Instituting a Quality Improvement Program _pc_ch_pech002


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Project Management Curriculum

Project Integration (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Project Initiation and the Project Charter (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_02_a01_bs_enus
Managing Project Work (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_02_a02_bs_enus
Change Control and Project Close-out (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_02_a03_bs_enus
Using Lessons Learned for Continuous Improvement apj_02_a04_bs_enus
Managing Projects for Strategic Alignment apj_02_a05_bs_enus
Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Collect Requirements and Define Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_03_a01_bs_enus
Create Work Breakdown Structure (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_03_a02_bs_enus
Validate and Control Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_03_a03_bs_enus
Project Time (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Define and Sequence Activities (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_04_a01_bs_enus
Estimate Resources and Durations (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_04_a02_bs_enus
Develop and Control the Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_04_a03_bs_enus
Project Management Ethics and Values (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Ethics and Project Management apj_12_a01_bs_enus
Ethical Standards and PMI® Core Values apj_12_a02_bs_enus
Project Cost (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Creating a Project Budget (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_05_a01_bs_enus
Keeping Your Project on Budget (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_05_a02_bs_enus
Project Quality (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning Project Quality (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_06_a01_bs_enus
Perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_06_a02_bs_enus
Quality Management and Continuous Improvement apj_06_a03_bs_enus
HR Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Putting Together the Team (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_07_a01_bs_enus
Develop and Manage Your Team (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_07_a02_bs_enus
Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Managing Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_08_a01_bs_enus
Controlling Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_08_a02_bs_enus
Risk Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Risk Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_09_a01_bs_enus
Risk Identification (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_09_a02_bs_enus
Risk Analysis (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_09_a03_bs_enus
Risk Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_09_a04_bs_enus
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Agile Principles and Methodologies apj_13_a01_it_enus
Agile Project Planning apj_13_a02_it_enus
Agile Project Scheduling and Monitoring apj_13_a03_it_enus
Agile Stakeholder Engagement and Team Development apj_13_a04_it_enus
Agile Key Exam Concepts apj_13_a05_it_enus
Procurement (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Procurement Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_10_a01_bs_enus
Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_10_a02_bs_enus
Stakeholders (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Project Stakeholders (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_11_a01_bs_enus
Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_11_a02_bs_enus
CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 (10)
TitleTypeID / Description
Project Selection and Initiation ib_prop_a01_it_enus
Scope, Schedule and Cost Planning ib_prop_a02_it_enus
Resource and Risk Planning ib_prop_a03_it_enus
Communication, Changes, and Documentation ib_prop_a04_it_enus
Controlling Project Work and Closing ib_prop_a05_it_enus
Planning and Controlling the Project Schedule ib_prop_a06_it_enus
Project Management Practical Exercises ib_prop_a07_it_enus
Quality and Procurement Planning ib_prop_a08_it_enus
Project Planning Documents ib_prop_a09_it_enus
Project Documents and Terminology ib_prop_a10_it_enus
Project Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Introduction to Project Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_01_a01_bs_enus
Project Fundamentals (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_01_a02_bs_enus
The Process Groups (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_01_a03_bs_enus
Project Management for All (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Finding Your Bearings as a Project Manager apj_15_a01_bs_enus
Getting the Big Picture by Defining the Project's Scope and Team apj_15_a02_bs_enus
Mastering the Details of a Project's Schedule and Budget apj_15_a03_bs_enus
Managing a Project to Minimize Risk and Maximize Quality apj_15_a04_bs_enus
Navigating through Changes and Conflicts in Projects apj_15_a05_bs_enus
Taking Final Steps to Bring a Project to its Close apj_15_a06_bs_enus
PMP Exam Prep (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
PMP Key Exam Concepts (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_16_a01_bs_enus
PMP Practical Exercises (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) apj_16_a02_bs_enus
Project Integration (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Project Initiation and Planning (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a01_bs_enus
Managing Project Work (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a02_bs_enus
Project Changes and Closing (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a03_bs_enus
Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Project Lessons Learned apj_17_a04_bs_enus
Strategically Focused Project Management apj_17_a05_bs_enus
Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Plan and Define Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a01_bs_enus
Create Work Breakdown Structure (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a02_bs_enus
Validate and Control Scope (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a03_bs_enus
Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Define and Sequence Activities (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a01_bs_enus
Develop the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a02_bs_enus
Control the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a03_bs_enus
Project Cost (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Creating a Project Budget (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_20_a01_bs_enus
Keeping Your Project on Budget (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_20_a02_bs_enus
Project Quality (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning Quality Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_21_a01_bs_enus
Manage and Control Quality (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_21_a02_bs_enus
Quality Methodologies and Standards for Project Management apj_21_a03_bs_enus
Resource Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Plan and Acquire Resources (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_22_a01_bs_enus
Develop and Manage Resources (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_22_a02_bs_enus
Communications (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Plan and Manage Communications (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_23_a01_bs_enus
Monitor Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_23_a02_bs_enus
Project Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning Risk Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_24_a01_bs_enus
Identifying Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_24_a02_bs_enus
Analyzing Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_24_a03_bs_enus
Responding to Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_24_a04_bs_enus
Project Procurement (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Procurement Planning (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_25_a01_bs_enus
Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_25_a02_bs_enus
Project Stakeholders (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
Planning Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_26_a01_bs_enus
Managing Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_26_a02_bs_enus
Project Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Project Management Introduction (PMBOK® Sixth Edition) apj_28_a01_bs_enus
Project Fundamentals (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_28_a02_bs_enus
The Process Groups (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_28_a03_bs_enus
PRINCE2® - Foundation (2017 Update) (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
PRINCE2® Project Management Overview (2017 Update) apj_29_a01_bs_enus
PRINCE2® Project Planning and Risk Management (2017 Update) apj_29_a02_bs_enus
PRINCE2® Project Quality and Control (2017 Update) apj_29_a03_bs_enus
PRINCE2® Start, Direct, and Initiate Projects (2017 Update) apj_29_a04_bs_enus
PRINCE2® Control, Manage, and Close Projects (2017 Update) apj_29_a05_bs_enus
Adopting PRINCE2® for your Project Environment (2017 Update) apj_29_a06_bs_enus
Mentoring Assets (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Mentoring Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) PMBOK Guide 5th Ed. mntcapm5ed
Mentoring PK0-004 CompTIA Project+ mntpk0004
Mentoring Project Management Professional (PMP) PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Aligned mntpmp6ed
Mentoring PRINCE2 Foundation 2017 mntp2f2017
Mentoring Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) PMBOK Guide 6th Ed. mntcapm6ed
Test Preps (2)
TitleTypeID / Description
TestPrep Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) PMBOK Guide 5th Ed. pm_capm_a02_tp_enus
TestPrep Project Management Professional PMBOK 6th Ed pm_proj_a06_tp_enus

Team Building Curriculum

Optimizing Performance on a Team (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Being an Effective Team Member atm_02_a01_bs_enus
Strategies for Building a Cohesive Team atm_02_a02_bs_enus
Effective Team Communication atm_02_a03_bs_enus
Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively atm_02_a04_bs_enus
Power and Politics in Matrixed Teams _pc_ch_mgch002
Leveraging Team Leadership Skills (15)
TitleTypeID / Description
Building the Foundation for an Effective Team atm_01_a01_bs_enus
Developing a Successful Team atm_01_a02_bs_enus
Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration atm_01_a03_bs_enus
Handling Team Conflict atm_01_a04_bs_enus
Leading a Cross-functional Team atm_01_a05_bs_enus
Using Conflict to an Organization's Advantage _pc_bi_mgbi002
Mediating Project Team Conflict _pc_bi_pfbi006
Facilitating Work-related Conflict Discussions _pc_bi_pfbi015
Building Trust Incrementally _pc_bi_lsbi004
Inspiring Your Team _pc_bi_lsbi010
Support Your Leader _pc_bi_pfbi010
Managing Communications in a Virtual Team _pc_bi_mgbi001
Choosing the Right Team Culture _pc_ch_pfch006
Building and Leading Teams _pc_ch_lach023
Meeting Team Performance Challenges _pc_ch_pach010

Business Analysis

Key Business Analysis Concepts (BABOK® v3) (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Business Analysis Overview aba_02_a01_bs_enus
The BA Planning and Monitoring Knowledge Area aba_02_a02_bs_enus
The BA Elicitation and Collaboration Knowledge Area aba_02_a03_bs_enus
The Requirements Life Cycle Management Knowledge Area aba_02_a04_bs_enus
The Strategy Analysis Knowledge Area aba_02_a05_bs_enus
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 1 aba_02_a06_bs_enus
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 2 aba_02_a07_bs_enus
The Solution Evaluation Knowledge Area aba_02_a08_bs_enus
Effective Business Analysis Techniques (BABOK®v3) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Business Analysis Analytical Techniques aba_03_a01_bs_enus
Business Analysis Activities and Tools aba_03_a02_bs_enus
Business Analysis Documentation and Criteria aba_03_a03_bs_enus
Key Business Analysis Competencies (BABOK®v3) (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
Personal Skills for Effective Business Analysis aba_04_a01_bs_enus
Business Analysis Professional Effectiveness Competencies aba_04_a02_bs_enus
Perspectives for Effective Business Analysis aba_04_a03_bs_enus


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Sales Curriculum

Sales Foundations (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Educating and Collaborating with Customers _pc_bi_sabi006
Solution Selling (4)
TitleTypeID / Description
Turning Potential Customers into Allies _pc_ch_sach008
Preparing to Implement Solutions _pc_ch_sach010
Managing Implementation Problems _pc_bi_sabi010
Connecting Customers and Solutions _pc_bi_sabi008
Strategic Account Sales Skills (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Selling to Key Players _pc_bi_spbi001
Planning for Effective Selling _pc_bi_spbi004
Building Profitable Customer Relationships _pc_bi_spbi017
Crafting Sales Strategies _pc_ch_spch002
Performance Payout Plans _pc_ch_spch004
Sales and Marketing: Two Sides of the Same Coin? _pc_bi_spbi011
Connecting the Dots: Insightful Account Management _pc_bi_sabi016
Succeeding in Account Management _pc_ch_sach015
Sales Management (5)
TitleTypeID / Description
Storming: Developing and Leading Your Sales Team _pc_bi_spbi003
Sales Support Roles for Better Customer Interaction _pc_bi_spbi007
Succeeding in Account Management _pc_ch_sach015
Gaining Access through Cold Calls _pc_ch_sach019
Overcoming Resistance to Coaching _pc_bi_sabi021
Sales Foundations (40)
TitleTypeID / Description
Prospecting: Panning for Sales Gold asl_01_a01_bs_enus
The Discovery Meeting: Starting Off on the Right Foot asl_01_a02_bs_enus
The Value Proposition: Getting Your Pitch Right asl_01_a03_bs_enus
Turning Objection into Opportunity during a Sales Call asl_01_a04_bs_enus
Negotiating Well and Going for the Close asl_01_a05_bs_enus
Don't Only Go for the Big Fish _pc_bi_spbi009
The Ethics of Gift Giving _pc_bi_spbi014
Using Persuasion Techniques to Boost Sales _pc_bi_spbi018
Get it Together: Organizing Your Sales Approach _pc_bi_sabi002
Presentations That Get People Talking _pc_bi_sabi003
Building Momentum in Discovery Meetings _pc_bi_sabi011
Appealing to Prospects _pc_bi_sabi012
Getting Your Head around Pipeline Management _pc_bi_sabi013
Initiating Discovery Meetings _pc_ch_sach001
The Proof Is in the Proposal _pc_ch_sach003
Using Customer Knowledge to Advance Sales _pc_ch_sach006
Prospecting Strategically _pc_ch_sach011
Responding to News of a Lost Sale _pc_ch_sach017
Talking Value with Your Customers _pc_bi_sabi004
Dealing with Questions, Objections, and Resistance _pc_bi_sabi005
Dealing with Negotiation Challenges _pc_bi_sabi009
Negotiating Contract Terms _pc_ch_pach001
Communicating Your Company's Value _pc_ch_sach004
Turning Obstacles into Opportunities _pc_ch_sach005
Negotiating with Your Customer _pc_ch_sach009
Effective Cold Calling _pc_bi_sabi007
Prompting Action through Focused Communication _pc_bi_sabi014
Regaining Your Customer's Trust _pc_bi_sabi015
Talking about the Competition _pc_bi_sabi017
Responding to Bad News _pc_bi_sabi018
Communicating a High-impact Business Case _pc_bi_sabi019
Making the Cold Call _pc_bi_sabi020
Getting Organized to Meet Your Sales Goals _pc_ch_sach002
Making Contact: Access Strategies _pc_ch_sach007
Managing a Sales Pipeline _pc_ch_sach012
Demonstrating Business Acumen _pc_ch_sach013
Selling with Trust _pc_ch_sach014
Using Competitive Selling Skills _pc_ch_sach016
Aligning Your Business Case to Customer Priorities _pc_ch_sach018
Effective Sales Coaching _pc_ch_sach020

Customer Service Curriculum

Frontline Call Center Skills (3)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Importance of Call Tracking and Ticketing _pc_bi_ctbi003
Creating an Effective On-hold Message _pc_bi_ctbi008
Aligning Agent Behaviors with Caller Types _pc_bi_ctbi010
Inbound Call Center Management (6)
TitleTypeID / Description
Converting a Call Center to a Profit Center _pc_bi_ctbi001
Managing Your Call Center More Efficiently _pc_bi_ctbi002
Customer Service Training - The Interview and Beyond _pc_bi_ctbi004
Disaster Recovery - Keeping the Lines Open _pc_bi_ctbi005
Preventing Agent Absenteeism through Better Working Conditions _pc_bi_ctbi006
Prioritizing Rewards and Recognition in Call Centers _pc_bi_ctbi011
ITIL® 2011 Edition Intermediate Level: Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) (14)
TitleTypeID / Description
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Operational Support and Analysis ib_iosb_a01_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Event Management ib_iosb_a02_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Incident Management ib_iosb_a03_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Incident Management Interactions ib_iosb_a04_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Request Fulfillment ib_iosb_a05_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Request Fulfillment Process Interfaces and Challenges ib_iosb_a06_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Problem Management ib_iosb_a07_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Problem Management Process Interfaces and Challenges ib_iosb_a08_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Access Management ib_iosb_a09_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to the Service Desk ib_iosb_a10_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Service Desk Metrics and Outsourcing ib_iosb_a11_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Functions ib_iosb_a12_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Function Activities ib_iosb_a13_it_enus
ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Technology and Implementation Considerations ib_iosb_a14_it_enus
Customer Service Skills (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Interacting with Customers acs_02_a01_bs_enus
Communicating Effectively with Customers acs_02_a02_bs_enus
Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in a Customer Service Environment acs_02_a03_bs_enus
Dealing with Customer Service Incidents and Complaints acs_02_a04_bs_enus
Polishing Your Skills for Excellent Customer Service acs_02_a05_bs_enus
Listening to Your Customers _pc_bi_spbi002
Creating a Customer-focused Organization _pc_ch_lach020
Developing Your Customer Focus _pc_ch_pach009
Essentials of Customer Service (8)
TitleTypeID / Description
Rapport Building in Customer Service acs_03_a01_bs_enus
Providing On-site Customer Service acs_03_a02_bs_enus
Providing Telephone Customer Service acs_03_a03_bs_enus
Providing Effective Internal Customer Service acs_03_a04_bs_enus
Facing Confrontation in Customer Service acs_03_a05_bs_enus
Designing a Customer Service Strategy acs_03_a06_bs_enus
Aligning Performance to Key Indicators _pc_bi_ctbi007
The Angry Caller: What's Your Plan? _pc_bi_spbi016
ITIL® 2011 Foundation (9)
TitleTypeID / Description
Overview of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle acs_01_a01_it_enus
ITIL® Service Strategy Concepts acs_01_a02_it_enus
ITIL® Service Strategy Processes acs_01_a03_it_enus
ITIL® Service Design Concepts acs_01_a04_it_enus
ITIL® Service Design Processes acs_01_a05_it_enus
ITIL® Service Transition Concepts and Processes acs_01_a06_it_enus
ITIL® Service Operation Concepts acs_01_a07_it_enus
ITIL® Service Operation Processes acs_01_a08_it_enus
ITIL® Continual Service Improvement acs_01_a09_it_enus

Industry Foundations

Industry Overviews (21)
TitleTypeID / Description
The Telecommunications Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a11_bs_enus
The Health Care Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a12_bs_enus
The Insurance Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a13_bs_enus
The Banking Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a14_bs_enus
The Oil and Gas Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a15_bs_enus
The Retail Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a16_bs_enus
The Manufacturing Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a17_bs_enus
The Pharmaceutical Industry Overview: Version 5 indo_01_a18_bs_enus
The Information Technology Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a19_bs_enus
The Federal Government Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a20_bs_enus
The Education Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a21_bs_enus
The Utilities Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a22_bs_enus
The Chemicals Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a23_bs_enus
The Broadcasting & Entertainment Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a24_bs_enus
The Capital Markets Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a25_bs_enus
The Consumer Electronics Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a26_bs_enus
The Aerospace & Defense Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a27_bs_enus
The Biotechnology Industry Overview: Version 2 indo_01_a28_bs_enus
The Automotive Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a29_bs_enus
The Food and Beverage Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a30_bs_enus
The Agriculture Industry Overview: Version 4 indo_01_a31_bs_enus


Test Preps (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
TestPrep ITIL Foundation ib_itlv_a01_tp_enus

Mentoring Assets

Mentoring Assets (1)
TitleTypeID / Description
Mentoring ITIL Foundation mntitv3f

New Releases

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Operations Curriculum
Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Six Sigma Fundamentals (1 new)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma: Quality Tools (New) apr_07_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Six Sigma and Organizational Strategy (2 new)
TitleTypeID / Description
Lean Principles in Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_01_a02_bs_enus
FMEA and Design for Six Sigma (New) apr_01_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Define (6 new)
TitleTypeID / Description
Identifying Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_02_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Voice of the Customer (New) apr_02_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Project Management Essentials (New) apr_02_a03_bs_enus
Management and Planning Tools for Six Sigma (New) apr_02_a04_bs_enus
Six Sigma Performance Metrics (New) apr_02_a05_bs_enus
Team Dynamics and Performance for Six Sigma Projects (New) apr_02_a06_bs_enus
Six Sigma Green Belt - Measure (4 new)
TitleTypeID / Description
Six Sigma Process Documentation and Analysis (New) apr_03_a01_bs_enus
Six Sigma Probability and Statistical Distributions (New) apr_03_a02_bs_enus
Six Sigma Data Classification, Sampling, and Collection (New) apr_03_a03_bs_enus
Six Sigma Statistics and Graphical Presentation (New) apr_03_a04_bs_enus

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