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International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

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Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) - BABOK Guide v3 Aligned
Courses (14) ID / Description
Business Analysis Overview aba_02_a01_bs_enus
The BA Planning and Monitoring Knowledge Area aba_02_a02_bs_enus
The BA Elicitation and Collaboration Knowledge Area aba_02_a03_bs_enus
The Requirements Life Cycle Management Knowledge Area aba_02_a04_bs_enus
The Strategy Analysis Knowledge Area aba_02_a05_bs_enus
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 1 aba_02_a06_bs_enus
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 2 aba_02_a07_bs_enus
The Solution Evaluation Knowledge Area aba_02_a08_bs_enus
Business Analysis Analytical Techniques aba_03_a01_bs_enus
Business Analysis Activities and Tools aba_03_a02_bs_enus
Business Analysis Documentation and Criteria aba_03_a03_bs_enus
Personal Skills for Effective Business Analysis aba_04_a01_bs_enus
Business Analysis Professional Effectiveness Competencies aba_04_a02_bs_enus
Perspectives for Effective Business Analysis aba_04_a03_bs_enus