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Modern, mobile management training content from Skillsoft delivers insight and wisdom from top business minds to your managers.

First-Time Manager Training

Skillsoft's management training supports turns high-potential employees into high-perfoming leaders, giving new managers the tools they need to succeed your organization a foundation of skills for future growth.

What's in it for You

Insight from leading publishers and industry experts with expert instructional design to that ensure relevant, continuous leadership development, a variety of formal and informal eLearning resources—books, videos, courses and portals—that offer everything new managers need to succeed.

Advice for New Managers

New managers face a huge task in leading their team and overcoming myriad challenges. Mike Jossi shares what has worked well for him over the years in his management positions.

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Skillsoft Leadership Advantage

Every learning track provides choices for accessing the right amount of learning, in the right mode, for that moment in time. Multiple modes of instruction, including text, video, and interactive activities, keep the learning quick, easy, and engaging.

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