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Reduce learning costs and extend leadership development skills throughout your organization

Leadership Development Solutions

Skillsoft's flexible eLearning offerings reinforce your existing leadership training programs, increase that program impact and give first-time and frontline managers the skills they need to succeed.

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With offerings like the Welch Way management method and leading insights from the best of today's business leaders, you'll reinforce your organization's leadership training programs, build foundational business and leadership skills in your first-time and front-line managers and create leaders at all levels.

Skillsoft Leadership Channel

Praising people is important, but how you praise matters more. Shawn Achor suggests that instead of praising outcomes like report cards and work products, praise the process. This shows that behavior matters. Praise the process that leads to the desired outcomes.

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Every learning track provides choices for accessing the right amount of learning, in the right mode, for that moment in time. Multiple modes of instruction, including text, video, and interactive activities, keep the learning quick, easy, and engaging.

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