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An affordable fast track to IT certification using IT training, test preparation and mentoring assets and employing courses, books and practice labs. Skillsoft supports more than 100 professional IT certification exams from leading software, hardware, networking, web service companies and professional organizations.

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ICND1 2.0: The Transport Layer and Router Configuration

Understanding how routers function will help you to understand the broader topic of how networks are connected and how data is transmitted over networks. This course describes the operation of routing. After hardware installation, when a Cisco router is turned on, it goes through its startup procedure. Once the operating system is loaded, you can start configuring the router. This course concludes by describing basic configurations, how to configure interfaces, and how to use Cisco Discovery Protocol to discover connected neighboring devices.

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ITPro™, an on-demand collection from Skillsoft Books, features IT content from books and other reference material that addresses the various needs of your entire IT work force, from the novice through to the advanced IT professional to prepare for a wide range of certifications.

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